Friday, 11 December 2015

Increase Your Digital Clout Day 14/30

If This Then That

Today we are going to start to introduce a tool which will tie your social networking sites together.  It is great to have four social networking sites but to maintain each individually is a time consuming process.  In the last five years I am approximately registered and sending information to over 30 different social networking sites, each one has follows each one has its own unique way of presenting information.   Up until this point we have been talking about four main ones.  But as you see this process you will start to understand how I can handle more and more sites and dedicate less and less time to each.
My main base social media is my Blogger blog… so anything that I would like to have shown on my network I make sure it is posted as a blog entry.   The blog entry can be text, audio, video, images basically anything electronic that you want to share.  Then the connection has to be made between my main base to all the other three social media sites that we talked about from days gone by…
The tool that I use to connect these is one called If-this-then-that…
It is a very simple to use tool…these instructions are taken right from the site,,,and I could not have said it better so…

So as instructions…let us connect blogger to twitter…
This is called a recipe
If blogger (rss feed) has a new entry then post it into twitter.
The this part of a Recipe is a Trigger. The trigger for this is an new entry in the blog

The that part of a Recipe is an Action. The action is to write a twitter entry.

Pieces of data from a Trigger are called Ingredients. For example, the Ingredients of an Email Trigger could be: subject, body, attachment, received date, and the sender’s address.

Check out this video for further instructions.
In Project Management terminology: 
The Project
  • Building a Foundation for a Social Media Network.
Deliverable (is the noun):
  • Creating a connection
Tasks (is a verb):
  • Create an account on
  • Watch the video and connect the accounts on the channel sections
  • Connect your main to the other social networks.

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