Sunday, 13 December 2015

Increase Your Digital Clout Day 16/30

Define yourself

Now that you have started to use you will need to connect it to your network by using to tie it all together.  I use the blog as my main social network and then I add all the interesting articles that I like, and the entries that I write into the blog.   This is really good if people follow my blog, subscribe to it but currently all my entries are posted to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ by   This is a good thing to do but if you post five or six articles at a time to will flood your social network sites which is ok, but it does tend to bother people when they see so many entries from a single person so by using you can space them out during the day. 
So here are the steps I use, I read ZITE app on my tablet in the morning…remember ZITE learns what I like and collects the latest articles, blog entries and news on the topics that I am interest in…as I read these I have a choice of what I would like to do if I like the articles, you can send them to facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, the blog or to   I have recently decided to send them to and then added them to my blog but he best way is to add them to your blog and then use IFTTT to take your blog rss feed and send it to which will then space them out and send them to all the other four social networking sites.
The tools to use are IFTTT and and you will need to use both of these tools and figure out how they fit into your plans as a social networking person
As you are working through these thoughts …ask yourself these 13 questions taken from this article…
1.)    How do I define myself?
2.)    Why do I matter?
3.)    In five words or less: What’s my mission?
4.)    What makes me upset?
5.)    What do I believe in?
6.)    What are my past accomplishments?
7.)    Is my brand authentic?
8.)    What don’t I stand for?
9.)    What would I do if I knew I could not fail?
10.)  How do I want other people to describe me?
11.)  What’s right under my feet?
12.)  How did I get to where I am?
13.)  What difference do I want to make?
These questions will help you decide what your brand stands for…

39 Blogging Tips from the Pros
 "Are you looking for the latest blogging tactics?
Do you want to know what the blogging pros are doing today?
Keeping up with the latest social media changes is not always easy, and your blogging tactics may need to be refreshed.
We asked 39 blogging pros to share the best blogging tips and tactics worth doing today.
Here’s what they have to say."
Blogging: Who should, and Why
 "If there is one subject that most bloggers have written about, it is probably the act of blogging. I know for me, as well as many of my blogging friends, it is nothing like we imagined before we were immersed in the “blogosphere”. Bloggers start their blogs for many different and personal reasons. One step common to all however, is that it does take an act of courage to publish that first blog post.

When I first started, I thought that I would do apiece here and there for a little while, but that I would eventually run out of things to say. Three years later, after 237 posts, I am still waiting for that time to arrive. My areas of interest include education and social media. I guess as long as each of those areas continue to evolve, I will always have something to write about."

Here is a recipe for using the tools to send out the posts all at once

Here is a recipe that I use adding bufferapp... this spaces out my entries by a scheduling tool in buffer app.

In Project Management terminology: 
The Project
  • Building a Foundation for a Social Media Network.
Deliverable (is the noun):
  • Adding timing to your posts
Tasks (is a verb):
  • Breath..think about the process
  • Determine when is the best time to do posts
  • Study the effect
  • Check to make sure it does what you want it to…

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