Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Increase Your Digital Clout Day 18/30

Managing a campaign

Business Social Media Campaigns to be successful will require a key person who will need to be the front line for the campaign.  This person should be fairly computer literate and should have some personal social clout as proof to their understanding of the process.  It is possible to develop the skills necessary to spearhead the business social media campaign but a business would be further ahead to identify the necessary skills for a future hire.  A full-time online marketing agent might be a way to go if the business has identified online as the key method of marketing.   Social Media Campaign has no boundary which is one of the major strengths of the process, it is as easy to use this marketing plan for people in your city as it is to target another area of the country or world in which you do business. My goal of any modern day business plan is to plan for growth as you will never know where your next market might spring up and it would be a shame to have to redevelop because you never planned big enough.
The following article although targeted at Google+ has a four main points which can be applied to a complete marketing plan and not just Google+.
These three main points are:
1. Be platform agnostic and focus on compelling visual content.
His advice for other non-profits is to use visuals and other engaging content to drive interactions with your audiences to eventually take advantages of the larger Google+ ecosystem.
Lastly, he recommends that in order to find success with a platform like Google+ make sure your organization has the manpower or infrastructure in place to continually maintain the social network. Without this infrastructure, your organization will have hard time updating and tending to your Google+ page enough to find the success you’re looking for.
“Our social engagement team takes great effort to make sure we are cultivating communities, not necessarily networks,” said Midkiff.

2. Know your customer’s preferences and follow trends
Topman has also seen great success live streaming its past fashion shows on Google+, but what other businesses can more easily emulate is the brand’s approach to customer service using Google+ Hangouts. To help customers build an outfit or find what they’re looking for, Topman’s personal shoppers will join you on a Google+ Hangout to discuss how it can help perfect your wardrobe with its expert suggestions and advice.
Brocart suggests their presence on Google+ is all about one thing, “giving them a reason to come back, not just for offers but also for great content,”
3. Listen before speaking and build communities
Many businesses get it wrong on social media since they insist on talking as opposed to consistently listening to what their audience has to say to inform the company’s future messaging. Cadbury is one of the most successful businesses on Google+ today, one reason being that it really listens to its audience from the very beginning.
I am going to end today’s activities with interesting articles about the use of messaging in different social media sites and how it can drive interest.
After reading all this information do not just run right out there and hire a new social media campaign manager…wait until tomorrow’s entry into the campaign as we will identify the traits you should look for in a good social media campaign officer.
In Project Management terminology: 
The Project
  • Building a Foundation for a Social Media Network.
Deliverable (is the noun):
  • The three main points
Tasks (is a verb):
  • Read the content of the day’s activities
  • Take some time and think about the three steps fun
  • Try to figure out how you would do each in something other than Google+
  • Check out the supporting articles added to the bottom. 

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