Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Increase Your Digital Clout Day 25/30


Today is newspaper day.  You know you have made the big leagues when you start to print your daily newspaper with the news of your brand and how you are changing the world.  That is a great idea but who can hire a complete editorial staff, writers etc…to pull off a daily paper….
There are short cuts…one of these is called Paper.li.   Http://paper.li
This is a great method of using your network to create a daily paper.  How to do that…
Here is a YouTube tutorial.
Another newspaper maker is: Feed Journal
Check out a YouTube about FeedJournal
A third newspaper is called: The Tweeted Times

Now you can create a brand newspaper or newsletter…check it format out and decide what works best for you.
In Project Management terminology: 
The Project
  • Building a Foundation for a Social Media Network.
Deliverable (is the noun):
  • Creating a newpaper
Tasks (is a verb):
  • Choose one of the tools which best suits your needs
  • Create an account
  • Publish on your network your new paper.

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