Friday, 25 December 2015

Increase Your Digital Clout Day 28/30

Our goal is to increase a person’s or business social media clout.  

You should have a minimum of seven different social network sites in your network.  The only element tying them together is and it should connect the five: Blog (sun), and four planets…Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.  Hovering around the outside is pinterest and Youtube.  These two support your network by giving you a place on the cloud to store your videos, and images which you would then add in your entries in your blog (sun) which in turn would then be fed out to your planets.

Keep straight in your mind the best way for you to feed information into your network is a key point that you will have to keep coming back to in order for you to be aware of what is the best place to put the information that you would like to share.   I do post some stuff separately to Facebook so it does not get splashed across my network.  Facebook is the most personal of all the sites that I have on my network, so I use it once and a while to share picture of my family with other family members and friends.  If I have an entry that I want to splash across the whole network then I always post it in the blog as that is my sun which everything else is built around.

All items:  
Top Social Media Sites
Creating our base, sun or main site
Introduce yourself
Check the announcements
Reading Day
Now what...
Building Interest
Do you ever sleep
Another reading day
Supporting Sites
If This Then That
Define yourself
Feeding the network
Managing a campaign
Finding a good manager
Expanding your web
Adding sites
Creating Videos
Good Titles
Rest and review
Check up
Did you increase your clout
Final words 

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