Friday, 4 December 2015

Increase Your Digital Clout Day 7/30

Twitter Account

For the next four days we are going to talk about each of the social networking sites, how to promote, increase followers and use as a marketing tool.  Each day we will chose a single site and I will share past and current articles which help achieve the objectives.

"Who else wants to get more twitter followers?

This Twitter Marketing resource introduces you to the best Twitter tips and Twitter How tos… period.

Each chapter contains several links to hand-picked blog posts that improve your Twitter skills, gain more followers, and show you how to get more traffic with social media.

This will be a living resource, so bookmark this page.

Are you ready to attract more followers on Twitter?"
"Whether you’re new to Twitter, an experienced user, or a complete Twitter addict, Twitter tools make everything easier. In this article, I’ll suggest some of my favorite Twitter tools for each type of user, so everyone can find something useful."

"These tools offer free functionality that extend and enhance the possibilities for instructional uses of Twitter.

Twitter is playing a role in more classrooms every day. Articles like “6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom” and “100 Ways To Teach With Twitter” have drawn tens of thousands of readers, a clear testament to the high level of academic interest in this wildly popular microblogging platform."

"Is Twitter working for your business?

Are you looking to grow a larger and more relevant Twitter following?

This article will show you four actionable steps you can take to improve your Twitter experience."

These are just a few of the articles that I have used to build my personal twitter community, but the best technique that I have ever found was one suggested by a friend.  It was very simple but the best for me.  In a nutshell, find someone with identical interests and look at who he follows and then follow the same.  Choose the person carefully and follow who he is following not who is following him.  There is a big difference, if he/she followed them then it was a conscious decision to follow that persons tweets.  You might have to do with a couple of different people and some time will be needed to sort through the people you follow and there are many tools to make that easier.

Use some of these articles:
3 Tips On Cleaning Up Your Twitter Account | Jenny Hansen's Blog:

"If you know everything about Twitter, detest Twitter, or plan to never use it, you can probably skip this post.

For the rest of you: This is one of the most easy-to-implement Techie Tuesday posts I’ve ever done here on More Cowbell. Enjoy!"

 "Whether you're into casual Facebooking or serious LinkedIn networking, spend a few days on any social media site, and the amount of stuff coming at you can quickly feel overwhelming. Spend a few years on a couple of different sites, and who even knows what's there anymore? But by taking some very simple steps, you can help keep these sites and accounts in control."
It's no secret that we love Twitter. It's a fantastic social media tool, a window on the world that can keep you updated on the big things, such as global news and events, the little things, like where your buddies are headed on a Friday night, and just about anything in between.
However, once you're following more than a dozen or so people, the service can get a little busy. In the spirit of our recent spring cleaning guides, which also offer advice on how to organize your Facebook account and sort out your iPhone, we're bringing you some top tips to tidy up your Twitter stream.
This process takes time but after a little time your followers will grow and you can use twitter to find the answers to your questions.  It is a powerful social network.

In Project Management terminology: 
The Project
  • Building a Foundation for a Social Media Network.
Deliverable (is the noun):
  • Increase the followers
Tasks (is a verb):
  • Take about an hour and check out the websites and articles above
  • Use two-three techniques to increase your followers

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