Monday, 7 December 2015

JCVC volleyball tryouts are done.

I am happy to say the tryouts for my Under 14 boys volleyball team are done. To say it is was a challenge to cut players from a sport team is to understate the thought, stress and concern that every coach put into the decision. The nice thing out the JCVC team of coaches is they work as a team, cuts for most age groups were made by a team of coaches who independently evaluate the players, then consulted with each other then discerned about the final cuts. In the end we all hope we have made the right decision and did not turn people off the sport. For those players who at this tryout were not good enough, big enough, old enough, skilled enough, do not lose heart and do not shy away from the challenge. Allow the cut to motivate you to work on your sport and try out again or try out for another team in the city. Just because you did not make it this time does not mean you will not make it next time.
Congrats to all the athletes who had the courage to attempt the tryouts and congrats to all the athletes who make a team.

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