Monday, 18 April 2016

A very nice review.

A person who purchased my book called Learning to Draw on a Tablet Book one and two combined wrote a very nice review...

Very thorough instruction that covers everything a beginning digital artist needs to get started! Walks the reader through each step while giving enough freedom to develop thier own style. Easy to read and follow while providing plenty of visual examples and links to video tutorials if needed. This has been the best book Ive read so far that helped me figure out how to use various tools and techniques on a tablet without confusing me! Yes the author uses only one app, but the app has pretty much the same tools and options as all of the rest of them! This isnt a review of the different apps and tools out there... its a well-written tutorial that actually dives right in and gets you on your way to creating digital artwork without overwhelming you with unnecessary options and choices that you can delve into later AFTER you are more familiar with the medium!

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