Sunday, 8 May 2016

First Nation Educational Consulting

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to on two separate occasions to consult in First Nations Schools.  The first I was asked to develop a plan to retool a high school which was not having graduation success with their program.  Over a period of ten months, I dedicated time to developing a new program which respects the culture and allows the student to utilize their strengths to experience success and in the end graduate.  The traditional curriculums have many barriers which are not only a challenge for first nation's students but are a challenge for all students.  The world has changed, but the approach to education has not matched this rapid change.  This has resulted in a factory style of content delivery failing to achieve the demands brought forth by the information age.  The approach which was developed during the above mentioned consulting was applied a second time and further refined to a program which could be useful in many schools.  If you are interested in learning more, drop me a line.  

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