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Making the Cut Camp August 28 – 31, 2017. Feedback survey results

Making the Cut Camp August 28 – 31, 2017.
The following is the results from the survey sent out to the participants.  Nine participants completed the survey.
        How satisfied were you with the event?  
Scale ranged from 1 (not very) to 5 (very much)

Average Response: 4.5

            How relevant and helpful do you think it was?
Scale ranged from 1 (not very) to 5 (very much)

Average Response: 4.25

         How satisfied were you with:
     The number of days  4.87
           The difficulty level of the sessions 4.38
     The activity sessions 4.63
     The game sessions 4.13
       Pearls books and systems 4.13
What were your key take aways from this event?
Positivity, mental game
That I need to strengthen my mental part of the setting.
It's all mental
Positivity, mental game
That im not too short to play but have to work hard.
What a coach is looking for.

Additional feedback on the camp
Wish there were more organized drills
The coaching was excellent, and having the books made you think over what you did in that session.
Learned and improved so much!
Times were great. The 10:00 start was nice for the summer. Darren's wisdom and tips were awesome.
It was good, wish I got more feedback though.
Wish there were more organized drills
pretty solid, good way to get back into volleyball before high school season
You should do some camps in Swift Current!
The sessions were very helpful and made you think about what you were doing.
Would've liked to get more individual coaching especially on serves.
The camp as a whole was well planned and had great coaching. The facility was set up nicely for what we were doing. You knew that the coaches opinions were trust worthy and very good to listen to.
Excellent camp Darren as always. Thanks
I loved this camp! Learned a lot.
It was very fun and I learned lots!

Thanks to coaches who helped and to all the excellent athletes that participated it was a highly enjoyable event.

Coach Darren Cannell

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