Monday, 4 September 2017

Ten reasons why one should take sessions at the Basketball Elite Academy?

Reason 1:  Head Coach Scott Hundseth (the all-time 5A hoops record holder for the most city titles in a row)
Reason 2:  Scott Hundseth will select the best coaches he knows to instruct each of the individual skills
Reason 3:  This is a non-political skill training academy.  No recruiting for clubs, school or any other teams will occur at the sessions.
Reason 4: The sessions are designed around a single skill and will allow individuals to reach the next level in their sport.
Reason 5: Basketball Elite Academy is part of the Elite Academy system which gives participants access to many support systems
Reason 6:  Each participant must purchase their own ball to allow them to practice on their own away from coaches
Reason 7:  The level of instruction is adapted to challenge all individuals along their journey of skill development
Reason 8:  There is no league, extended game play or team selection attached to the sessions. (it is skill development)
Reason 9:  The approach used is a time tested individual skill development structure which is a combination of hands on and virtual feedback.

Reason 10:  Membership in the Elite Academy system gives you access to Basketball, Volleyball, Artist, Academic, Language and other future academies. 

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