Friday, 9 February 2018

This weekend in Volleyball

For all of you volleyball players out there...this week in volleyball has a great lineup of sessions.
As always this week there is jump training on Tuesday and Thursday at Ignite Athlete Conditioning For more information go to:
On Saturday we have second mini informal Volleyball League for Under 15/16 boys and Under 17/18 girls...first four teams to register are in. For more information go to:
10 am - 12 pm Basic Cycle Session eight Power skills
The Basics of being a power player in volleyball. Everyone loves this session hit hard and hit high.
12 pm - 2 pm Advanced Position Cycle Session eight Setter front row
The more advanced skill for playing the front row as a setter in volleyball. This session is for everyone, not just setter you need to know what the other people in the front row are doing. So, do not skip this session just because you are not a setter.
For more information go to:

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