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My new book `Coaching Sports to Internet Brats.``

Coaching sports To Internet Brats
They’ve changed has your approach
Dr. Darren Cannell

When I was growing up, I walked uphill both ways to schools.  As I age I find myself making the ``As I was growing up statements more and more.``  Has the internet age altered the behavior of the kids today?  Are they different from thirty years ago?  Are they easier to coach in sports?  Dr. Darren Cannell will share some of his experiences over the 40 years of coaching at all level and in numerous sports.
—Abraham Lincoln once said the problem with Quotes on the Internet is that they are often not true.

I would like to dedicate this book to all the parents of children that I bad mouthed as I coached their children.  It was not until I had my own family that I found I should apologize to all those parents as even with five post-secondary degrees to my name, I was and am wholly unprepared to be a parent or a coach.  Keep this in mind as you read the suggestions in this book.  Anyone who acts like they have all the answers tend not to even know the questions.  This book will share experiences and attempt to identify some of these questions.

Author’s Notes
Thirty-one years as an educator, thirty plus years as a coach, 13 years of post-secondary education and I still have more questions than answers.  Many researchers out there are making claims that the youth of today have changed, they are not the same as they were 30 years ago.  They are lacking in many things, they are not as fit, they lack respect, dedication, attention span, family support, goals, friends, focus and the tools needed to become Elite Athletes.
Coaches today are frustrated when trying to motivate, train and create teams which will excel and for this reason, as I raise my own family, I have decided to start an Elite Academy for training my child and others in sports, arts, and academics.  I have been known to have very strong opinions on the participation, everyone gets a ribbon society that we have created.  The overprotective parents, the entitled children who are used to instant gratification.  The ones who’s motto ``is if at first you don’t succeed quit and try something else, don’t waste your time.`` The goal of this book is to share my thoughts, my approach to coach, parenting, teaching and living in today’s society.  The biggest challenge I am going to have as I type away on my computer with four monitors in my recliner I use for a computer chair with my over-weight body is to try to organize my thoughts into a logic format and chapters which will be of value.
Being Dr. Darren Cannell means I am a learned man and I should have found the answers in the years of instruction that I have endured as I collected my degrees but in actuality the more I learned the more I realized how little I actually know.  Having the title of Doctor at the beginning of my name means you should listen to pontifications but in reality the ones I have learnt the most from in my life were not in the classroom they were my parents and their views on life and the great coaches I had privilege of playing on their teams and the wisdom I gained by doing, by failing and being allowed to fail.  The aspects that I am the proudest of in my life are the things I earned not that things that I was given.  This last pearl of wisdom is the only one that I will give in his book that you will not be able to dispute.   The amount to has taken to earn is directly proportional to the value.   Now, having said that, I will share a pile of other pearls of wisdom that you should take with a grain of salt as I may have no idea what I am talking about, the great thing is that neither does anyone else.  What works for me, or you or others in life will differ based on the situation, past experience, and a plethora of other factors.

Now having said that most of this book will be of no value you can stop reading right now.

Just kidding, remember you need to earn things of value, so earn it, read it and maybe you will find it of value.

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